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Progetto ka2: SUCCESS



Dopo una prima visita in Cantabria, lo scorso settembre, presso l’associazione “Permacultura Cantabria” e un secondo appuntamento a Potenza , presso la sede dell’associazione World Net, per questo terzo appuntamento ci siamo recati a Malta, in particolare sull’isola di Gozo, per visitare la sede del terzo partner, lo Youth Service –for the Ministry of Gozo, visitare alcune dei loro partner  e confrontarci sulle tematiche del progetto.

Questi incontri preliminari serviranno al partner spagnolo – “Permacultura Cantabria”­ ­ – per integrare le informazioni del training course che riguarda la metodologia Dragon Dreaming e che andremo a realizzare in Cantabria , tra la fine di Maggio ed la prima settimana di Giugno 2019

T.c. Film the challenge

The project took place from 02/12/2018 to 10/12/2018 in Nea Makri, Greece

The project was hosted by Solidarity Mission, and implemented in cooperation with L’Arca del Blues, Shokkin group, Vagamondo, Zig Zag Prin Romania, WeGo, Synergy LT, Brno Connected, Smokinya Foundation, Subtiluship, Piedzivojuma Gars, Recreativity, Olde Vechte Foundation.

Altogether, 31 people took part in the project.

The overall aim and specific objectives of the project:

  • to get acquainted with media literacy
  • to recieve practical skills in filmmaking in all stages (pre-production, production, post production)
  • to explore ways to promote and disseminate videos online
  • to adapt media literacy to own methods working with different target groups
  • to create social promotional video for an Athens based social enterprise & non-profit initiative
  • to create action plans for Local Action Phase

The course was structured based on experiential learning methodology. The activities included: short imput and practice with different video assignments, intercultural learning through team work, exchanging good practices and tools, giving and receiving feedback on the media assignments, video production on social initiatives based in Athens, reflection and self-assessment individualy, in small groups and in plenary.

T.C. R-Local: Improving Local Project with Roma Yougsters

Incredible experience last week in #Berlin 🇩🇪 in the #TrainingCourse: ‘R-Local: Improving Local Project with #Roma youngsters’

One week full of new knowledge 🖥 where we have shared our opinions 🗣 and taken new ideas ❗ to develop in our organization. Thanks to all the 28 participants👐🏼 and organizations from six countries: United Societies of Balkans 🇬🇷, #RRoma 🇲🇰, Mozaika 🇧🇬and specially to Amaro Foro e.V. 🇩🇪and Nevo Parudimos 🇷🇴

This project is a response to the needs identified by organizations that need to train their staff in becoming more experienced in working with Roma youngsters coming from rural and urban areas and also to increase the number of young Roma which are involved in youth activitie

#Erasmus #Erasmus+ #ErasmusProject #Macedonia #Greece #Bulgaria #Germany #Italy #Romania

Project Alianco

We are so proud to have taken part in the #Ka2 🇪🇺️ project “Alianco” organized by the Spanish🇪🇸️ association Cocemfe-CR and which ended with the meeting in Toledo between 21 and November 24th.
Thanks for this great experience.🔝

#ErasmusPlus #Ka2 #Project #Alianco

Targets of this project are:

Improve and improve our knowledge as an NGO through cooperation with other European Union partners.
Encourage professional improvement through the exchange of knowledge.
Promoting the environment of disability and social inclusion.
Improvement and competitiveness on social inclusion, and consequently, implication on the quality of life of people at social risk
Recognition of social inclusion and of our work
Raising awareness and development of a European moral society.

Horizontes Phase 2

The second phase of the “Horizontes” project was held on the dates between 28 October and 4 November.

This phase was held in Casapesenna in Italy and concerns the learning of other #cultures, the opening of the minds of the participants to the #intercultural perspectives and, of course, offers young people the opportunity to discover other places.

In this phase activities were:

     Interlinguistic animation
Ice breker games – energizer
Games on cultural difference and integration
Workshop with recycled plastic
Halloween workshop
Murals realization
Visit the site of Pompeii and treasure hunt
Visit to the Royal Palace of Caserta
Visit to the center of Naples

See at this link the first phase of this project:

Horizontes, Openness of the minds – 23/30 Luglio 2018 – FRANCIA

Horizontes, Openness of the minds – 23/30 Luglio 2018 – FRANCIA

We was so busy this summer!
Another exchange in progress. On your horizon there is youth exchange “Horizontes”.
Right now our young members are sharing their knowledge with French youngsters from Une Terre Culturelle  and German youth from#WildeRoseJugendnetzwerNetwork in Marseille.
We are proud that this exchange, promoted by the OFAJ DFJW, was born out of the initiative of a French volunteer who had her experience at the World Net in Potenza, Italy .

This exchange concerns the learning of other#cultures, the openness of the minds of the participants to the #intercultural perspectives and, of course, is giving young people the opportunity to discover other places.

 — a Ville de Marseille.

Spread the differences – Luglio 2018 – KA105 – ITALY

Il progetto “Spread the differences”, promosso con il programma Erasmus Plus, è stato realizzato dall’associazione italiana World Net e dall’associazione maltese Astra Folk group, con le tematiche di inclusione e dialogo sociale utilizzando la musica e la creatività per promuovere la fratellanza e il rispetto reciproco.

40 ragazzi si sono trovati in una realtà internazionale, pronti a confrontarsi e condividere spazi e idee.

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