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T.C. R-Local: Improving Local Project with Roma Yougsters

Incredible experience last week in #Berlin 🇩🇪 in the #TrainingCourse: ‘R-Local: Improving Local Project with #Roma youngsters’

One week full of new knowledge 🖥 where we have shared our opinions 🗣 and taken new ideas ❗ to develop in our organization. Thanks to all the 28 participants👐🏼 and organizations from six countries: United Societies of Balkans 🇬🇷, #RRoma 🇲🇰, Mozaika 🇧🇬and specially to Amaro Foro e.V. 🇩🇪and Nevo Parudimos 🇷🇴

This project is a response to the needs identified by organizations that need to train their staff in becoming more experienced in working with Roma youngsters coming from rural and urban areas and also to increase the number of young Roma which are involved in youth activitie

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