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T.c. Film the challenge

The project took place from 02/12/2018 to 10/12/2018 in Nea Makri, Greece

The project was hosted by Solidarity Mission, and implemented in cooperation with L’Arca del Blues, Shokkin group, Vagamondo, Zig Zag Prin Romania, WeGo, Synergy LT, Brno Connected, Smokinya Foundation, Subtiluship, Piedzivojuma Gars, Recreativity, Olde Vechte Foundation.

Altogether, 31 people took part in the project.

The overall aim and specific objectives of the project:

  • to get acquainted with media literacy
  • to recieve practical skills in filmmaking in all stages (pre-production, production, post production)
  • to explore ways to promote and disseminate videos online
  • to adapt media literacy to own methods working with different target groups
  • to create social promotional video for an Athens based social enterprise & non-profit initiative
  • to create action plans for Local Action Phase

The course was structured based on experiential learning methodology. The activities included: short imput and practice with different video assignments, intercultural learning through team work, exchanging good practices and tools, giving and receiving feedback on the media assignments, video production on social initiatives based in Athens, reflection and self-assessment individualy, in small groups and in plenary.



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