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“I`m active citizen and volunteer in my village!” – Luglio/Agosto Romania 2018

“I`m active citizen and volunteer in my village!” – Cultural exchange in Romania

The youth exchange: ““I`m active citizen and volunteer in my village!”was designed by Timis Torontal Intercommunity Development Association as a support of young people living in the rural villages in Romania, Hungary, Italy and Macedonia, to better understand what does it mean to be active citizen and take part in the decision making process at local level.
In this project, 40 young people from Macedonia, Italy, Hungary and Romania will come together and learn in an intercultural environment, using non formal education methods as: oxford debates, forum theater, role play, study visits, world café and different means of oral and written presentations.

Aim of the project:
The overall aim of the project is to make young rural people understand that it is very important for the local community to become involved in civic and voluntary activities.
The main objectives:
1. to increase the motivation of 40 young people from 4 countries to engage in civic and volunteer activities (Romania, Italy, Hungary and Macedonia);
2. to increase the awareness of 40 young people about voluntary work and its contribution to the development of local communities;
3. to raise the awareness of 40 young people about what the activism and the decision-making process means at local level and how they can contribute to community development through involvement;
4. to increase the knowledge of the 40 young people about the customs, traditions, food and stories from the 4 rural communities in Romania, Hungary, Macedonia and Italy involved in the project;
5. to increase the awareness of the 40 participants about stories and how to activate the community through stories.

From each country have take part 2 group leaders and 10 participants aged 16 – 24, in total 8 leaders and 40 participants. The participants speak/understand Romanian language and /or English, willing to learn how to get civically involved in their communities and in the political life of their villages.




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